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Is it possible to upload one video on YouTube, and have multiple soundtracks for it? Much like one can choose the subtitles, can one make several language-specific voice-overs for the same, say, screen-cast?

If that feature is not present on YouTube, are there calls or plans for it? What other services may have this implemented?

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When uploading to YouTube: no (for now...)
Your audio needs to be premixed into one stereo (or mono) channel.

When using YouTube's online video editor: yes, but you are limited to voice-over and music tracks

For more info:
(see point 4. adding audio)

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Talking about online editor, not really a “yes”, is it? While one can add voice-over before publishing, it does not allow for the two different sound tracks to be chosen from for the same video. – theUg Dec 24 '12 at 17:25
Hence, my "limited" remark – K3N Dec 24 '12 at 19:20

As of now, Youtube doesn't allow multiple soundtracks other than adding a music-track. So you'll need to create multiple videos with voice-over for different languages. Thankfully however this is already automated using a bash script.

Demo Video with Automatic voice-over translation from SRT subtitles using eSpeak
VoiceOver Script Version 0.3 to convert Subtitle file to Audio Track using eSpeak

This solution works on Linux but I guess one can use Ubuntu Linux as a VM using virtualbox on windows.

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here watch this video, here in settings there are different languages in which you may select of your choice.

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While this does indicate the answer (which is yes) it doesn't really provide any useful info to the OP, unlike the other answers. Sadly they may well be outdated now. – Dr Mayhem Sep 6 '15 at 21:33

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