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I want to record video tutorials but I can't get the program to capture my screen with high quality, and not just that, when I try to edit it in After Effects scaling and positioning the fonts and window seem pixelized and doesn't look sharp. Thanks!

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What are you using currently?

I use Camtasia Studio and it works pretty well, I can record portions of the screen or the entire screen with the native screen resolution [1280x800].

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+1 Using Camtasia Studio here too. Sharp and clear. –  K3N Nov 6 '12 at 10:20
@tecfreak I use total recorder, is there any free soft? –  Daler Madaminov Nov 6 '12 at 11:35

There are a lot of screen recording software, for example:

  1. CamStudio (free)
  2. Screenpresso (free/paid versions)
  3. Movavi Screen Capture Studio ($49.95)
  4. Camtasia Studio ($299.00)
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I use ActivePresenter. The best free screen recorder I've known. It contains everything you need to make a professional screencast.

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Use the Ice Cream screen recorder! I use it to record my youtube videos and it records in full hd, there i one downfall though... the output file is an MKV file, but they have a media converter that you can get to convert it to mp4 to watch it and edit it.

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