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I have an mp4 using h264 that i'm using in the background of a website. It has to blend in with the background image. I've already created ogv and webm videos for firefox and chrome and these work fine but the mp4 for safari doesn't blend properly. The only difference i see in the files is that the ogv, webm and original mov are all in sRGB color space, but the mp4 is in SDTV NTSC Y'CbCr. I've tried lots of different exporters but the mp4 is always in this colorspace. How do i get the mp4 in sRGB colorspace?


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h.264 always uses Y'CbCr as the color space. Y'CbCr should be able to match the space pretty closely, but you might have to use a 4:4:4 instead of the simplified 4:2:2. 4:2:2, which is most commonly used, lacks a lot of the color resolution and might be why you are seeing the differences.

I can't guarantee it will allow a perfect match, but it should get you much closer.

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