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I have some footage that I converted from red to prores444. I am able to view the converted mov in quicktime and the audio sounds fine. However, I when import it to Efter Effects, the audio previews and exports as white noise, I can see the waveform in the audiotrack, but it won't play. Any ideas what might be causing this?

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My guess would be that AfterEffects is assuming something about the audio format which Quicktime is handling correctly but AE is not. Check your format settings; you might need to specify a different byte ordering (also called "byte swapping") or tell it to be explicitly 16-bit instead of, say, 24-bit. In Quicktime you can see what the audio format is via the movie inspector.

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+1 - The alignment is off. Expanding on what fluffy said, depending on the format the audio is in, check to see the format as far as PCM vs other raw formats; their sample size (16bit vs 24/32bit, etc) might be the same but the wait the samples are ordered might be off. Also check interleaving settings. – Qix Sep 1 '12 at 22:25

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