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I recently encountered this video:

I really like the presentation of that person in the video. I guess he has a glass screen infront of the him and he is writing it. But is he writing it backward? Or is it an editing effect? I mean, any option for mirror imaging the video?

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Comments on that video say the actor is right-handed in other videos, so this one is flipped horizontal. – NReilingh Aug 6 '12 at 22:49

I don't think it would matter that much other than for the actor writing, easier if (s)he doesn't have to think about reverse-writing. The flipping effect is a one-click effect and wouldn't require much in terms of hardware, software or brain-power.

What editing software are you using - the effect should be easy to find in any way. It might not even be an effect as such but rather a transform feature but it would help if the editor was brought out.

I doubt that your editor DOESN'T have this effect but in the strange case where it doesn't, you can also try setting the width of the image to -100%, that works on some editors. But I'm pretty sure there is a flip.horizontal effect somewhere.

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