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Im looking for a fast workflow, where i can take my gopro video files, make simple cuts (no transisions, no effects, no audio manipulation), and cut them together into a clip and then export that edit out without having to re-encode/compress it.

Im shooting in their lowest HD setting (1280x960)... but would be open to switching formats if it helped.

In looking at this Final Cut Tutorial, it says i could edit without re-encoding if the project format matched the source material. The problem is, my Final Cut doesn't have the exact format my gopro records in... any ideas? Can i install the gopro codec somehow into final cut?

GoPro codec specs:

GoPro AVC H.264

One Idea:

Use QuickTime to set in/out and keep copy/pasting clips into a single clip then SAVE. This works without re-encoding and saves fast, but the the workflow is not that fast. The other downside to this is Quicktime saves all the audio tracks into separate tracks, so the file chokes on youtube/vimeo unless you do an export with re-compression.

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Have you tried GoPro Studio? – epiclapser Feb 19 '15 at 8:29

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