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I have two images that form a stereo pair. I'd like to view this in 3D on a Samsung 3D television. I was looking for such a software but did not find anything exactly for this task. My question is: how could I put this togedher? What if I make a video that changes the two images frame-by-frame in 25 fps? Is 3d avi supposed to work that way?

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Use Sony Vegas. It can merge the stereo inputs and renders the output file as the format you need.

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While this does answer the question, could you expand it a bit with more information about how this is accomplished in Vegas? – AJ Henderson Feb 16 '15 at 18:01

For creating a 3d image (from two jpeg images), this piece of software works pretty well:

Creating a full 3d video is a bit more difficult, so I'm not sure if I can help you there.

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I recommended to use the Dashwood Stereo3D Toolbox (link:

I use it for convert SBS to TaB and adjust the 3D effect with Final Cut, it works well.

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