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Are there any tutorials on how to create animated 'coding', where it looks like code is being typed in? I want to do something similar to this: In that video about half way through it pans to a section where it looks like code is being typed in.

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I dont know of any tutorials off hand (you will need to do a google) but to animate text to make it look as if its typing on isnt too hard:

  1. Create your text layer
  2. Expand the later (clicking the white triangle next to the name)
  3. Click on the animate button > select Opacity
  4. Now you can use the range selectors to animate what is changed.

There is also a typewriter preset in the Effects and Presets panel which does the same thing.

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There's some text animation effects you can use to automate it. This tutorial uses the text animation blur, one of the others is text typing.

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This may not be exactly what you are after, but the simplest way could be to use a screen recording tool to record you typing the code. Have a look at this question for guidance - it is very easy to do, and you can time it as you like, rather than have to worry about setting animation schedules etc.

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