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I recently attempted to export a large video file to the web through QuickTime Pro in hopes of uploading it to my web storage account and put on my website. However, when I encoded this .mov file, somewhere in the process it became corrupted and it appears as a much smaller file. I can play the file on my computer locally, but when I upload it to my web storage account I can no longer access/play it. It also appears as a much smaller file. This is the only file of the movie I have on my computer so I find it curious that it plays locally but cannot be accessed online. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how to fix this problem. Thank you!

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I guess you've uploaded a reference movie file, because this kind of movie is much smaller, and can not play without it's master. What you need is a self-contained movie.

My suggestion: To avoid this, try to export your movie via the "Export…"-Item, but not with "Export for Web…". So you'll get a self-contained movie.

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