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I use mpeg streamclip to fix the timecodes in merged vobs. I would like a command line utility that does this without having to recode if possible.

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Libav has the tool avconv, which allows you to do that with the video filter setpts=PTS-STARTPTS.

I haven't tried this, but the following should do the trick for you:

avconv -i in.vob -vf 'setpts=PTS-STARTPTS' -c:a copy -c:v copy out.vob

For more information you can check out

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If a video filter is used, the stream has to be re-encoded. – Mulvya Jul 1 at 6:34

I'd be guessing ffmpeg or ffmbc..?

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You can use this tool I made to fix the timecode without re-encoding,

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Can you please add some detail as to how this tool is used. Right now, there isn't enough detail for someone to determine if the tool will be helpful to them (ie, within their ability to make use of it). If you can briefly describe what the tool does and how to make use of it, that would be a great improvement to the answer. – AJ Henderson Jul 4 at 14:49

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