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I want to stay up-to-date on cinematography techniques -- not just regurgitated press releases on camera technology. What regularly updated resources (not books) should I follow to continually learn the craft of cinematography?

Note: this is a re-post of a question that was closed as off-topic on Photography - Stack Exchange.

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For basics in digital cinema the Vimeo School is a great start.

There are tons of blogs for cinematography.

One of the most interesting blogs that covers gear and on the set experiences is by noted DP, Philip Bloom, a real major force in modern digital cinema:

Coen Brothers too:

For me the best way to find what's up is to see if your favorite director, studio, camera manufacturer, or whatever has a blog via Google.

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American Cinematographer is a magazine and the leading publication on cinematography. At the very least, you should be reading this.

Also, these forums have great communities:

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