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I am using Vegas Pro 10 and I can't find a (good) way to make pictures flying through the screen. Well, it's a little bit difficult to describe but what I am thinking of is a screen, where you can see small pictures coming from the background and growing to the middle of the screen, these pictures come in sequence und after it reaches a certain size it fades away. (A little bit like a Picture Gallery). So there is also a little bit of an 3D-Effect included. Maybe the best comparable situation is when you click [WIN] + [Tab] and then you go through the windows. Sorry for the bad eyplanation, I hope anybody gets what I am talking about ;)

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Vegas Pro 10 has two features that could help you out. Either using the Track Motion feature for the entire video track engaged with key frames, or the pan/crop feature for the shot itself engaged with key frames would allow for changes of size, shape, rotation, zooming, orientation (reverse, upside down) and such.

Here is a tutorial on Vegas (not sure of version but this will work in Pro 10) on how to use the Track Motion feature:

Here is a tutorial on Vegas Pro 10 on how to use the Pan/Crop feature:

If you are using more than one clip or several still images, you should use the Track Motion with key frames as the Pan/Crop feature works only with the shot itself.

Hope this helps.

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