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I am newbie to this video world and have started using a Canon G7X to shoot video (I shoot casual video of my babies, family outings etc). Could someone help me find a good software which I can use to convert the video (codec, frame-rate, aspect ratio etc.).

Why I need such a software? Because G7X allows me to shoot 60p video and my TV (Samsung smart TV) does not play anything beyond 30p.

I also understand that I can shoot 30p video directly from camera; however, I would like to create some slo-mo videos as well.

Also, I am planning to buy a Nikon D810 this holiday; so I will be taking good amount of video.

I use MacBook pro retina (15") laptop, so, kindly suggest Mac compatible softwares.

Thank, NN

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Free: MPEG Streamclip

Paid: Movavi Converter

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FFMPEG which is like the Swiss army knife of video. If you don't know how to use command line, either try FFMPEGX, or (better) learn to use the command line.

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I've used Handbrake to compress things for my AppleTV and other situations. The interface is not great, but it has some common useful presets that work well.

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