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I have a video in webm format, and two files in webVTT format, chapters and subtitles.

Is it possible to embed this two webVTT file in the webm in order to get only one file ? webm is a derivative of Matroska, so it's certainly possible. The real question is they will be handled by a program like VLC ?

Thanks in advance !

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WebM doesn't support subtitles nor chapters right now so you won't be able to embed them without creating a WebM file that is out of specs. You will probably want to remux your video into mkv and then convert your VTT subtitles to SRT and mux these into your mkv aswell.


Initial WebM release does not support subtitles.

WHATWG / W3C RFC will release guidance on subtitles and other overlays in HTML5 in the near future. WebM intends to follow that guidance. Ref: WebVTT.

Edit: It seems that WebM now supports VTT subtitles. See the link above for a detailed guide.

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I am confused - on that same page they also have a whole chapter about embedding the WebVTT format. Shouldn't this indicate support? – V02460 Jun 18 '15 at 16:02
"WebM intends to follow that guidance", which hinted that they will add this feature at some point which they apparently did now. – Professor Sparkles Jun 18 '15 at 18:45

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