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Cannot find a source to see market share or change for top video editing software tools used today.

The big three are:
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro (after effects)

I know Avid is still used by large film and movie productions.
But from the grass roots perspective, every day users, it seems to be overwhelmingly Adobe products. But this is based on my anecdotal personal perspective. Wanted something more concrete.

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This kind of data is actually remarkably hard to come by. There are a few industry reports available for thousands of dollars, but the best free resource I could find when I was searching was an informal poll that Dave Dugdale did. It was an imperfect test by his own admission because it allowed both voting up and voting down, but it gives at least some kind of an idea of the rough market share.

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Yes, I also found interesting survey by PBS, were they sampled a small number of filmmakers, producers, editors (those that work in the documentary field). Interesting to see the gear used and NLE used. pbs.org/pov/filmmakers/2013-documentary-equipment-survey.php –  eLouai Jul 10 '14 at 16:55
I really liked the google trends tool, but the interesting thing if you localize the region to the United States, FCP and Premiere are practically neck and neck in search interest (I used the software term instead of local search to get a better range of interest). I never realized that FCP was that big. Avid was almost non existant but sony vegas pro came a decent 3rd. Worldwide Sony Vegas was number 1. –  eLouai Jul 11 '14 at 2:33

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