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I'm trying to get my (non-graded) video from Final Cut Pro X through DaVinci Resolve 10.1 Lite, and back into FCPX for the last bits (audio, logos etc). The first part wasn't that hard, just export the FCPX project as XML, and load that from DaVinci Resolve. The color grading itself was a bit harder but still very doable.

The hardest part is getting the graded clips from DaVinci Resolve back into FCPX. I went to the Deliver page, set the Easy setup to Final Cut Pro XML Round-Trip, selected all the clips and selected a destination. After adding the job and running the job, I looked in the directory that was just created and saw a bunch of videos there and a fcpxml file. But importing that fcpxml file into FCPX just loads the clips from their original location...

So, how is this round trip supposed to work between Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve Lite?

I've spend the better part of today trying to figure that out, but all I can find are YouTube clips explaining how to do it with Premiere Pro or other video editors. And when I do manage to find something about Final Cut Pro X, it says I should just go to File=>Export AAF, XML. Unfortunately that option is greyed out for me. And all the other docs are either refering to Resolve 8 or 9. Even the official documentation still refers to a Conform page which is long gone in Resolve 10, and replaced by the Color page. Too bad I can't find a way to export from there either :(

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A kludgy workaround would be to open the XML file in a text editor and do a find-n-replace on the file path of the original clips, replacing it with the path to the graded clips. Eg if your ungraded clips are like /mediaDrive/rushes/clip1.mov and your graded clips are like /MediaDrive2/graded_clips/clip1.mov, replace mediaDrive/rushes with MediaDrive2/graded_clips, save (as a copy, need I say) and import into FCPX. –  stib Feb 24 at 5:18
Apparently, the real "solution" to this would be to import all the media into Resolve from the get go and optionally do some initial grading. Then export that stuff to Final Cut Pro for editing, then back to Resolve for final grading and after that's done it can be exported. That can be the end of the line (if done through Resolve) or you can go back to FCPX again and do some final stuff. –  Xudonax Feb 25 at 20:35
makes sense. I've been introduced to DaVinci since getting a BMCC and to edit the footage you need to do a one-light grade before going to FCP. –  stib Feb 26 at 6:55
I am used to import from HDV into FCPX and edit it there. So guess I'll redo the color grading from this in FCPX. Good lesson for the next time. Luckily this was just a personal project... –  Xudonax Feb 26 at 19:29
Are the video files that accompany the fcpxml file the original clips or the graded clips? Is it possible to post the XML file somewhere? It sounds almost like FCPX might not be able to find the new files or something, but I'm only able to guess since I have neither a Mac, nor FCPX, nor a setup that can run Resolve, even on Windows. –  AJ Henderson Feb 27 at 18:53
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