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I have a directory of 100 mp4 files. All are working well on my ipad but most of them do not have a working thumb.

I want to generate these thumbs with a command line command (on macosx) based on a frame of the movies (at second 30 for example).

Thank you in advance

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What's the difference between the videos that do have a "working thumb" and ones that do not? –  LordNeckbeard Feb 17 at 18:43
I dont have any idea. It is very weird because i dont have the same results in OSX. –  Sucrenoir Feb 18 at 7:41
Do you see any differences within the ffmpeg console output? ffmpeg -i works.mp4 -i notwork.mp4? –  LordNeckbeard Feb 18 at 18:23
Is this in the iPad's native Videos app? –  Duvrai Feb 18 at 23:11
This is how it looks in Finder dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/cb653aicns4xtql/… –  Sucrenoir Feb 19 at 8:58
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