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I recently acquired a Bell & Howell Filmosound 8mm Projector, and several 8mm Sound Films. To my delight, the motor and lamp work and the unit seems to work quite well.

I would love to figure out how to capture/play the sound from the sound films, but the unit is designed to connect to something else, presumably a preamp or stereo system of some sort.

Originally, this unit came with a special cable to connect to the atypical audio ports on the projector, but I don't have it. Both ports are un-labled. One appears to be an 1/8" headphone type jack, and the other is smaller. I have tried connecting the 1/8" jack to a number of preamps/mixers, but have not been able to get any audio. This leads me to believe the 1/8" jack may be for recording sound to a film, and the smaller one is for playback.

Has anyone used this or a similar model and been able to get sound? Any help appreciated:

enter image description here

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