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I have a few bullet points as so:

Screenshot of Bullet Point

I would like to apply an Animation Preset > Text > Blurs > Bullet Train to it... But I want the effect to include the blue circle. I've tried applying directly, parenting, and pre-composing. None had the desired result. Is there a way to get the Text Effect onto the shape layer?

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There sadly does not appear to be a direct way to do it, however you can approximate it by using a Directional Blur on your shape layer with a 90 degree orientation and then applying a fade in. If you mess with the keyframes a bit, you should be able to get it to look like a constant animation.

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What about cheating by using a font that has numbers in circles? This, for example:

Won't work for more than 9 bullet points though.

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Those don't give you control of both colors. The only way to rig it up that way would be to use a large solid circle in text (oversize bullet in most typefaces) and then the number in a separate layer on top of it with the keyframes aligned. – Ryan Jan 31 '14 at 14:33

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